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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Two fair ladies

Monday, November 28th., Les Sablons, near Moret.

I went to tea at Cornillier's yesterday and met inter alios, Mrs. La Gallienne and Mrs. James Welch (better known as the actress Audrey Ford). So I asked these two to dinner. We dined at the Place Blanche and then went to the Bal du Mouilin de la Galette, which was certainly more wonderful than ever as a manifestation of the French spirit. 

Mrs. Richard Le Gallienne

The fair was proceeding on the boulevard. When we went up to the Moulin the music of the hobby-horses was deafening. But when we came down the legal hour for music had passed, and we were all three struck by the ghostly feeling of these merry-go-rounds revolving, brilliantly lighted, but quite silent.
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I tried to find a leading idea for the concert scene in "Sacred and Profane Love", but could not. I read late and dreamed about the scene all night, and got it all mixed up, and generally wasted a vast amount of energy with no result at all.

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All this leads me to think of ghost stories, but I hardly think I have the sort of imagination to produce one effectively. My particular favourite is Dickens' "The Signalman". I cannot read it without a chill passing along my spine, my breathing becoming shallow and my heart starting to race! Dickens was a master of atmosphere and excels himself in this short story.

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