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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gathering more material

Saturday, February 9th., London.

Last night I told Walter Roch we would go home by bus instead of taxi because it was more interesting.

He agreed. We had to wait 5 minutes in Piccadilly for a 19 or 22 bus. (I took a chill here which much impaired my night's rest.) While waiting a very little oldish, spinsterish, thin misshapen, stooping woman came slowly along, carrying two large neat parcels, strapped together, with a string handle. She was neatly dressed, polished shoes, but misshapen and queer - probably about 45. She could walk with great difficulty a few yards only, using all her might to lift the bulky double passage, and then stop and rest and start again. She seemed so exhausted that I went up to her and asked if she wanted a bus. She said "No", but I didn't think she meant it. She then said she had to get to Holborn and that the 44 bus went there. I said "You're on the wrong side of the road," and I almost picked up the package to carry it across Piccadilly for her. She said she didn't want a bus, hadn't any money. She seemed to me to too neat and self-important and obstinate for me to offer her the fare.
Then in the bus we saw a respectable man kiss a little girl. She got out and left him.
So that we were rewarded for our bus ride.

ROCH , WALTER FRANCIS ( 1880 - 1965 ), politician and landowner . He was educated at Harrow. In 1908 , at 28 yrs of age, he was elected M.P. (Lib.) for Pembrokeshire , and continued to represent the constituency in parliament until 1918 . He had also become a barrister at the Middle Temple in 1913 . Although he remained on the back benches, he was a prominent member of the Liberal governments, and in 1917 was chosen a member of the Royal Commission on the Dardanelles Campaign . He was mentioned as a possible future Prime Minister, but he chose to support Asquith rather than Lloyd George , a decision which put an end to his political career. Roch was the author of Mr. Lloyd George and the War ( 1920 ). In 1934 he was appointed J.P. for Monmouthshire . Roch and his wife spent the last 25 yrs of his life at Tŷ Nant , Llanarth ,Raglan, Mon. , presiding over their estates at Llanarth and Llanover .

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